How to Ensure the Authenticity and Quality of Precious Metals

When it comes to buying precious metals, it's important to make sure that you are getting the real deal. To ensure that the precious metals you are buying are authentic and of good quality, there are a few steps you can take. First, look for distinctive stamps. Real precious metals often have markings that indicate purity, weight, and other key identifying factors.

On bars and ingots, these stamps or marks are usually right on top. In jewelry, the seal is usually close to the clasp or in another discreet place. You can also use a magnet to test the authenticity of your precious metal. Since neither silver nor gold are magnetic, measuring the magnetism of ingots will allow you to determine if their metallic composition is pure or simply an alloy.

Start your exam by obtaining a small magnet and placing it directly on the piece of ingots. If the metal and the magnet are attracted to each other, you can be sure that your precious metal is not authentic. However, keep in mind that there are many counterfeit metals that are not magnetic, so be sure to do a more detailed examination before confirming the authenticity of the ingot.It's also important to contact the retailer and ask them if the piece is completely solid or not and what authenticity stamps they have. Since pure silver is incredibly malleable, the softness of the metal makes it an unlikely and uncommon candidate for many commonly used types of jewelry.

If you doubt the authenticity of your gold piece, compare it with brass or platinum to see the difference in tonality.A calibrator is a tool used by many professionals in the precious metals industry to provide the most accurate measurements possible. Therefore, the best type of high-quality precious metal jewelry you can buy right now are pieces made of solid gold and preferably 14 carats or more. A stamp is a sign included in a piece of jewelry that assures the purchaser that the piece meets the minimum requirements for precious metal content.Finally, if you still have doubts about your precious metal's authenticity and quality, take it to a certified specialist for further examination. Nobel metals are better at resisting corrosion, but it's still important to keep jewelry pieces well.